Interior Decorator

We carry out a wide range of interior design projects with our team of interior decorator.

Transform and optimize your interior thanks to the expertise of our team of architects and interior decorator. Without the need for major renovations.

Alexandra BOUSSAGOL agency is located in the 16th arrondissement, so most of her projects are in the west of Paris.

Agence d'architecte d'intérieur Paris- Rénovation appartement haussmannien
Interior Decorator agency in Paris - Haussmann apartment

Our interior decorators in Paris can help you decide on the aesthetic and functional direction of your home.

Choose the layout, furniture, colors and organization of your space.

Why call in an interior decorator?

An expert look at your interiors

The expertise of an interior decorator (or interior designer) brings a professional eye to your interior. We work on projects in and around Paris, as well as in the rest of France and abroad.

Our professional decorators will show you how to make your home brighter, more practical and more comfortable.

An interior decorator will help you confort your ideas and assert your desires. Your project will go further with him.

You’ll have the assurance of cohesion in your choices.

Personalized service. Our interior decorating services are designed to suit your image. It’s all about creating the decor that suits you.

Optimize your space with interior decoration

Our team of professionals can help you optimize your space without having to resort to heavy, costly renovation work. For example, installing a skylight or improving the layout of your room.

The expertise of our interior design department will help you find the best furniture layout and simple space-saving optimizations: storage units, cupboards, built-in furniture… Your space will be better distributed and more functional.

Your interior decorator will optimize the brightness of your apartment. He’ll look for the best lighting, the right fixtures to transform the atmosphere of your living room or the softness of your bedroom.

He studies the space to make it as functional as possible. Creating fluid circulation through a sliding door, reorienting an armchair to make it more welcoming…

All these optimizations will contribute to making your atmosphere more comfortable and welcoming.

Interior Decorator agency in Paris - Pied à terre Paris 7.
Salon appartement Paris

« L’architecte Alexandra BOUSSAGOL a transformé cet appartement ancien en un élégant pied à terre contemporain. Les volumes sont lumineux. En travaillant la sinuosité, elle a su apporter à ce lieu une denrée rare: la Douceur. » IDEAT Magazine.

That’s why our interior design service in Paris can advise you at any stage of your project. We offer Turnkey services.

Choose your design with an interior decorator

The expertise and sensitivity of our interior designers enable them to harmonize furniture and accessories to create a unique ambiance and atmosphere. Choosing and combining colors, patterns, materials and textiles is the art of interior design.

Their creativity and aesthetic sense will work with you to create a harmonious, personalized layout. They’ll know how to enhance your interior, sublimate it to your image.

An address book: we have an exhaustive list of suppliers and boutiques specializing in interior decorating. Whether you’re looking for affordable or exceptional materials (straw marquetry, rare stones). We adapt our proposals to your budget.

We put you in touch with our network of partner craftsmen: upholsterers, carpenters, cabinetmakers, marble workers, etc.

We carefully select our partners. They are qualified professionals based mainly in France.

Interior Decorator agency in Paris - Pied à terre Saint Germain des Prés.

Through our interior design consultancy, we work with you to create a harmonious interior that’s a pleasure to live in every day.

The work of interior designer Alexandra BOUSSAGOL has restored these Parisian apartments to their former glory.